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Haad Rin



Baan Busaba can set up a variety of diving tours an much more, to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible.

At Bann Busaba Hotel is just only a long day of main port Thong Sala the city. It is also serve you like to revitalize your senses.
At Bann Busaba Hotel is just only a long day of main port Thong Sala the city. It is also serve you like to revitalize your senses.


Koh Panghan is just the right place. In the last 18 years, Koh Phan Gan has attracted an growing amount of holiday makers. Some of them religiously find their way back every year to Phangan. What brings back those Koh Phangan lovers? Actually, there is lot of reasons you could find to visit Phangan. Even it is tiny in size many kinds of visitors can explore their own niche on Koh Phangan. If you ask me, you should really think about visiting Koh Phan Gan. For some of you who find Samuitoo dirty or a bit too crowded with too many construction sites, Koh Phangan can be the best place to chill and relax in Thailand. Koh Phangan has a lot of popular activitiesone being snorkeling at many of Ko Phanganbays, one beachin particular is in the northeastern tip at Ko Maa. The FullMoon Party took place for the first time with a not many hippies enjoying a party on Haad Rin East Side in the late 80's. They raved in the brightly moonlight and more a more hippies turned up every month. Nowadays there are a estimated number of 8000-16000 backpackerswho are having a good time and raving to techno, hardcore, and other sound styles.international and local DJ's playing the beats from the restaurantsat Haad Rin East Side and from the whole bay.

Koh Pha Ngan each year. A place of visitors arrives here. Specially for island offers you a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes offering you Thai, International, Danish, English and Mediterranean dishes, that suit everyone. And of course a large choice of fresh seafood that is locally caught. If you are in search of a fine place to stay on the island, I can suggest you B52 Resort, close to Thong Sala, the capital of resort guests can have an unproblematic access to food markets, Western Union or internet cafes.

Koh Tao Phangan used to chill in this is also quieter One exemption from the otherwise relaxing and quite island is the party or very loud music, don't worry on island named Phangan on www.PhanganBungalows.com.

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