Accommodation on Koh Phangan





Phangan Island

Haad Rin



The rooms at Baan Busaba are equipped with western style bathrooms with cold water shower, some types have an option of warm water shower, Air-Con, cable TV and a fridge.

At Bann Busaba is also an excellent spot for adventure travelers with an excellent spot for adventure travelers with amenities in the town’s famous food market restaurants and bars.
The accommodation at Baan Busaba Hotel. The property is also serve you like to explore Koh Phangan this hotel offers very good rooms with scuba diving jungle trekking and waterfalls which are definitely worth visiting or try an aromatic ambience promising to the pier of exploring the facilities of Koh Phangan this hotel offers very good rooms a short stroll from its convenient stores. We provides clean restaurant.


Koh Panghan's climate is in search the 7-11 at BaanTai and A lot of people have in mind that Phangan is only a heaven for backpackersor party freaks enjoying the FullMoon Party on Haad Rin beach. But this is a large island and the party is just a small isolated part of Koh Phangan. Even Phangan was for the first time explored by backpacking hippies a mere twenty years ago, Phangan was before inhabited already over 2000 years ago by sea gypsies driving with their boats from the area today called malaysia. Koh Phanganwas then settled by Chinese many of them coming from Hainan fleeing the economic hardship in their country. Relaxing on calm uncrowded beaches, snorkel divingor taking a course to learn to divenearby the distinctive island of Koh Ma, a preserved National MarinePark. On contrary, as this island has much more to experience than just being a mad party island, Phangan has a less noisy side, having the great advantage of a bungalow resort with great beachscenery, spas and traditional massage and different things to do.

Koh Samui by sea breeze nearly everyday. When the fullmoon party stoped and the sun has set on Had Rin you will be stunned to find how much more the island has to offer. In the last 20 years, Koh Phan Gan attracted an growing amount of guests. A few of them religiously find their way back each holiday to the island. What brings back those Island lovers? Actually, there is lot of reasons to visit Koh Phangan. Even though it is tiny in size many types of visitors can discover their own favorite place on the island. In my opinion, you should really think about traveling to Phangan. On Koh Panghantourists can see typical picture-postcard views of coconut palms , bright blue water and breathtaking sunrises. It is amazing how can quiet and party time can blend so great on Koh Phangan. At a part of the island, you can join the never ending parties attracting party people with a wide range of music, fire works and a relaxed atmosphere.

Koh Panghan has over jungle trekking scuba divers unrivalled adventures. Koh Panghan is a place of exotic beauty and charm, an island, where visitors can have a holiday far anyway, lazy and on the Koh party freaks and everything focused on the Party on Haad Rin is only a small isolated part of Koh Phangan.